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What if there was ONE thing you could do to help you and your family stay healthy? Oh, wait, there is! Keeping our pH in a healthy range.

What does that mean? Well, keeping it super simple, the pH of our body is crucial to health. Have you heard how acidity is bad? (Google symptoms of an acidic body, it’s quite illuminating? And not good!)

’The germ is nothing, the terrain is everything.’

~ Antoine Béchamp

When we are exposed to germs (as we are all the time), an alkaline body has a better chance of filtering the germ out of the body.  When we are acidic, well, it finds a welcome terrain!

In today’s day and age, our lifestyles do a lot of things to muck up our pH balance. Day after day, we eat acidic foods like alcohol, sugar, meat, dairy, over-processed foods, we breathe in toxins from the air, we are exposed to pesticides in our foods and environment, we are exposed to chemicals in our self-care and household products, and we are under constant STRESS which is acidic.

(Have you noticed how MANY of these things can be corrected with the help of YOUNG LIVING products?)

But not to worry! There are plenty of products we can use to get ourselves back to an alkaline pH.


Essential Oil-Infused Products:

  • Mineral Essence in NingXia Red (NR):  Mineral Essence is one of my favorite products. This supplement is a precisely balanced complex of essential oils and 60+ trace minerals that are essential to a healthy immune system. Minerals are alkaline! Mineral Essence includes antioxidants and immune supporters like zinc, selenium, and magnesium. 1-2 droppers 1-3 times daily in water or NR for maintenance. 2-5 droppers 2 times daily for additional health support. You may like to put it in NR because it’s super strong and NR disguises the taste nicely!
  • Alkalime: Is a powder supplement that preserves proper pH balance. Drink it in your morning or just-before-bed water – it will fizz so be careful if you stir it! (My first time using it, I totally underestimated the fizz! – Read: It made a HUGE mess.)
  • Multigreens: We have already talked Multigreens back when we chatted about energy. Remember? It is chock full of good things we should eat — but don’t. It also has chlorophyll to facilitate balanced pH.
  • Juvaspice and Juvapower: Both extremely alkaline and have high-antioxidant foods that nourish the liver and combat toxic acidity. JuvaPower contains acid-binding foods – these binds to the acids so they can be removed out of the body.


Essential Oils:

  • Lemon Essential Oil: Add to your water throughout the day. Lemons – when broken down by the body – are actually alkaline! AND the oil actually comes from the rind, not the juice, so it isn’t acidic and hard on your teeth in the first place.

** Items that come in the Premium Starter Kit.
*** Worth a google search. These components are the crucial aspects of the oils!