August promos

We just want to point out the amazing value a 300pv ER order is. (AND, we have a VERY special promo for the Simply Serendipity team coming in August — and you will want to be at the 300pv level for it!)

What a 300pv ER order earns you this month: 
  • Cheaper shipping than a non-ER order
  • 30 regular ER points (if you are in your first 6 months, more if you have been in it longer)
  • 20 bonus ER points. (In case you aren’t doing the math, that is FIFTY DOLLARS you can use for a future purchase. Kinda like a $50 gift certificate!)
  • 15-ml Peppermint essential oil
  • Longevity Softgels (which, if you aren’t taking, you should be. Let’s talk anti-aging for a moment!)
  • AND a BONUS bottle JUST for those on ER: 5-ml of Basil!

Chat with your sponsor if you have questions!