August promos

We just want to point out the amazing value a 300pv ER order is. (AND, we have a VERY special promo for the Simply Serendipity team coming in August — and you will want to be at the 300pv level for it!)

What a 300pv ER order earns you this month: 
  • Cheaper shipping than a non-ER order
  • 30 regular ER points (if you are in your first 6 months, more if you have been in it longer)
  • 20 bonus ER points. (In case you aren’t doing the math, that is FIFTY DOLLARS you can use for a future purchase. Kinda like a $50 gift certificate!)
  • 15-ml Peppermint essential oil
  • Longevity Softgels (which, if you aren’t taking, you should be. Let’s talk anti-aging for a moment!)
  • AND a BONUS bottle JUST for those on ER: 5-ml of Basil!

Chat with your sponsor if you have questions!

3 Steps to Vitality

September 25-27

Now, more than ever, we need to be proactive about staying healthy! 

Join us for this online, virtual, weekend event to learn specific steps YOU can take to ensure you are doing what you can to keep you, your family and your home as healthy as possible. 

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