Young Living Business Training

with Simply Serendipity

Welcome! The Simply Serendipity Leadership Team is super excited to welcome you to our business training. If you don’t yet have a mentor or support person, let us know. We will be happy to connect you with someone.

NOTE: This training is open to any member of the Simply Serendipity Team for free. If you aren’t yet a Young Living customer, you can join our community simply by purchasing a starter kit through a current Simply Serendipity member or using the link below to purchase one.

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(If you were referred by a member of Simply Serendipity, go back to them and let them help you order your kit!)


Simple Serendipity’s Business Training has three levels:

If all you want to do is share with a friend, you don’t need training! Young Living is simply a referral-based company. You tell someone about the products, they sign up with your referral link and you get a check. Check out our QUICKSHARE post for information, if you need some help.

If you are ready to learn more and begin  paying for your oils and MORE, join us for our trainings!

Quick Share

Start Here: Get to Star

Learn the basics and get a few people signed up. In this quick, self-led training, you learn just what you need to get yourself to Young Living’s first rank: Star.

Simply Rise Up

Simply Rise Up

Ready to begin to pay for your oils on a regular basis and a few bills? Our Simply Rise Up training uses Young Living’s training book and guides you through. While the entire training will be available online in October for you to work yourself through, we will do it LIVE in October..

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Leader Mentorship

Ready to rank up to Silver and beyond? You will have a personal mentor who will guide you through the next steps of your business building.