We are SO EXCITED to announce some upcoming FUN for y’all!
You are now quite familiar with how wonderful Essential Rewards is (ER). 
This month we are CELEBRATING our peeps on ER with


EVERYONE who processes an Essential Rewards order of at least 100pv will be entered into a drawing for 12 DAYS OF GIFTS!!
Oh, yes, it is true! 12 Days of Giving from us to YOU as a very special thank you!!
AND you will ALSO receive at least a 5ml of Cinnamon Bark Vitality (from YL) and possibly more (if you order 190pv, you’ll also get DiGize, etc!) (Read all about the October promos here.)


Here are the deets for you:

  • Drawings begin on 10/19 and run daily for 12 days.
  • As soon as your ER order of AT LEAST 100pv processes, you will be entered into the daily drawing.
  • If you process BY 10/18, you will be entered for each day (and have 12 chances to win!).
  • If you process your order on 10/22, you will join the fun on 10/23.
  • If your usual processing date is later than 10/18, you will want to manually process early to get in on the fun. The manually process button is on the ER Summary page.
  • You can win ONCE Day #1-#11. On Day #12, we will have a GRAND PRIZE drawing that everyone will be entered into.

Let us know if you have questions!! This is going to be SO MUCH FUN!!

And from all of us to you, thank you!