Promotion for Simply Serendipity


We are SO EXCITING to announce this AMAZING promotion sponsored by our larger team, Essentially Powerful. This is HUGE!

It is a raffle with amazing PRIZES! 

First Prize: The AromaComplete (Value $2,625)

Second Prize: Kids Oil Collection ($157)

Third Prize: A Box of Nitro ($50.99)!

PLUS, I’ll be adding in a little fun promotion for us, too…stay tuned!

1. You MUST have a 300pv order to enter. We will be sharing ideas with you over the next week on ideas of what to add. Stocking up is fabulous, of course, and personal care products (this month’s theme!), supplements, and so much more!

DEFINITELY make your purchase in the ER program so you get points back for future purchases. This month’s ER promotion will ALSO give you 10% MORE back in ER points. (So, if you are just beginning your ER journey, at 300pv, you will receive 60 points back – that’s $60 toward products!) AND you will receive ALL the free promos for the month: 5 ml Lavender, 3-Pack of Thieves spray AND 5 ml of Wintergreen.

Your 300v order earns you 1 raffle ticket.


1. 1 ticket: You get an extra ticket if your 300pv is an ER ticket.
2. 1 ticket: Earn a ticket when you personally enroll someone for a Premium Kit + another purchase.
3. 1+ tickets: Additional tickets for each additional 300pv order (and 900pv order earns you 3 tickets!)
4. 1 ticket: Receive an additional ticket for attending one of the East Coast events or the local April 8th Corporate event in the Twin Cities.
5. 1 ticket: Receive a ticket for hosting a Beaty School event for your downline

PLEASE NOTE: This promotion is ONLY for those who are on the Simply Serendipity team. Our apologies for leaving some peeps out. If you haven’t jumped on the oily wagon yet, this is the PERFECT month to do so!

Questions? Comment away! We will work on answering them quickly.