Leah Day Sanderson

My WHY: I want to bring health and happiness to all the people that touch my life.

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Leah Day-Sanderson

Location: Prior Lake, MN

Family (hubby, kids, pets, plants): I’ve been married to my amazing and supportive husband for 5 years. We actually met in a bar while in college and have been inseparable ever since. We have a beautiful 2-year old daughter who keeps us running around, literally, all day. She is the sunshine in my world and I love to hear her sing and laugh.

Furbabies: We also have a very cute and sassy cocker spaniel.

Favorite oil and how you use it: My favorite oil is Valor! I started using it on myself as a perfume for the day. It gave me confidence and I felt like I could tackle any crazy task that came at me. However, it became my favorite when I added it to our bedtime routine with my daughter. There was a change from a crazy, wild child who couldn’t sit still to a relaxed, peaceful girl who was reading books and walking herself to bed. I was hooked.

Hobbies: If I’m not carrying around our baby then I’ve got a camera in my hands. I love capturing the world around me and sharing it with the world. Along with photography, my hobbies include any kind of DIY Pinterest project, home renovation followed by home decorating and taking family outings to the zoo.

My WHY:  I want to bring health and happiness to all the people that touch my life.

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