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We have a few courses we have written and will be adding more!:

  • Getting Started with Your Oils: You ordered your oils and they haven’t arrived yet. Let’s get you ready! This series will take you through a STRONG start with your kit, then the step-by-step process for switch out harmful, toxic chemicals from your home and then how to find solutions to your 10 most common concerns.
  • Simple Solutions to 10 Common ConcernsEssential oils are incredibly powerful. Enjoy this series as it shares how to use them to possibly be a solution to one of your concerns.
  • Switch to Safer Series: Take the overwhelm out of cleaning up your home! Enjoy a step-by-step series to help you switch out the toxic products in your house for beneficial ones!


    Here is a great blogs for you:


    • While we cannot recommend specific reference guides, you can go to the app store and do a search. There are a bevy of apps out there!


    Info for the oils: