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In our last episode we summarized the 3 main steps of the Wellness Blueprint, the crux of our system here at the wellness place. In the next 3 episodes we will dive more deeply into each one, sharing more about why it’s important and giving you first steps.

In today’s episode we are going to talk about the first step of the wellness blueprint: Out with the BAD.

We are going to talk about harsh, toxic chemicals – found in everyday products all around your home.

Here’s the thing, it might not be a fun, sexy topic, but it is seriously one of the easiest changes to make for your wellness and the number 1 most crucial. All you need is a safer product. It’s not changing any habits, getting up earlier, starting to exercise, giving up sugar. You already wash clothes, it’s simply using a different laundry soap. Easy.

So hang in there with this bummer of a topic. I begin sharing some statistics that can be truly disturbing. My goal isn’t to freak you out, but to highlight the importance of this step.

At the end I will share with you the 3 most important change outs you can make – just 3 – that can alleviate a significant number of toxins in your home.

AND, I am going to introduce something you may want to consider – not just safer products but beneficial ones. Yes, I will be sharing with you the products we choose to use here at the wellness place.

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