Ready to learn all about how to make your skin timeless

With Young Living ‘s amazing, toxin-free skin care line?

We have for you a bevy of free goodies to enjoy! Plus, you can purchase a Show Your Glow Sample Kit to try out some of the products!

FREE Downloadables:

Show Your Glow Sample Kit:

Your sample kit includes approximately a week’s worth of product samples for the following:

  • ART Light Moisturizer,
  • ART Toner, 
  • Satin Facial Scrub Mint,
  • Orange Blossom Face Wash,
  • Wolfberry Eye Cream,
  • ART Creme Masque,
  • step-by-step instructions,
  • plus a few goodies to enhance your self-care time.

When you get your kit, you can go through the products with Laura on the video below!

Show Your Glow Event

Enjoy learning all about the Young Living skin care line with Laura. Actually go through the entire skin care line, using your products, if you have them. Enjoy an evening of pampering. You can also purchase a sample kit to use.