Welcome to Spring Cleaning: inside & out

We are so excited to create this fun, supportive, community for a complete cleanout!

Spring is the best time of year for clearing out – whether you know you need to fix up the house, clear a few of those quarantine pounds, or clear some of the thoughts rummaging around in your head, we’ve got you covered!

We have a bevy of tools to help you – and we will do it together!

Get started with a few things:

Join the Facebook Group

Come join the fun in our FB community.
[NOTE: While the community will be housed in this group, you do not need to be on FB to get the most out of this event. We will send you emails for all of the main parts!]

Print Planning Goodies

Print the Planning Packet
So if you are one of those peeps who likes checklists, spreadsheets and planning, we have you covered!
Grab the packet of goodies here and print what is helpful for you.

Write a Letter to Yourself

Write a Letter to Yourself…
Where do YOU want to be on 4/30/2021?

Step four:
About Young Living

Our Brand Partner
We will be sharing a bevy of supportive products for you from Young Living. Powerful essential oils, cleansing & foundational supplements, and more. You do not need to use the products, but we hope you choose to join us!

Learn About Young Living

Learn about what essential oils are and why we want to create a non-toxic home.


Find out more about joining us – all you need to do is purchase a starter bundle from Young Living using our referral link (or the referral link of a current Simply Serendipity member.)!

Click below to find out more.

We can’t wait to welcome you!

Contact us: 

Have a question? We would love to personally help you. Send us a message and we’ll get back to you. If you want a phone call, give us your phone number. 


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