Winter Wellness with Young Living

Learn all the ways we can do to stay healthy all year round!

Here is the handout for you to take notes and Winter Wellness Worksheet.

Also, here is a fun couple of DIY recipes you might enjoy: Winter Wellness DIYs.

FYI: The first two videos are GREAT for overall health. No matter WHAT you need, those two steps can help!

Tip #1: The Power of Proper pH Balance

Because of our diets (alcohol, sugar and processed foods); toxins in food, personal care products, water and air; and the stress we often experience, our bodies easily become acidic. Short-term acidic symptoms include stuffiness, reduced immunity, etc. Long-term are far more harmful. Here are a few products to help balance the acidity in your body.

Tip #2: Keep the Gut Happy

We are just beginning to understand the importance of our gut to our health. Connections to immune system, our emotions, and brain health have been found. Let’s take care of our gut!

Tip #3: Thieves Touchpoints

It’s time to Thieve your household! Changing out products you already use with products that are not only toxic-free (which weakens your immunity and every other system in the body) BUT also gets a little Thieves into your day!

Tip #4: Golden Touch Kit

This kit is amazing! I didn’t know what it was my first 3 years using Young Living. I finally added the kit to my collection last year and have never looked back. This year I am adding it to my daily regime.

Here is a diagram for you to remember how to use it: Golden Touch Diagram.

Tip #5: Immune-Supporting Supplements

This video is a must watch. it’s a quickie and I share the two must-have supplements for the winter (or, really any time of year you prefer to stay healthy! 🙂 ) These bottles may stay on your shelf unopened for weeks. But when you need them, you need them, and you’ll be grateful you have them!

Bonus: Diffuse with a Purpose

Diffuse with purpose. You can find a list of suggested oils on the handout. Diffusing is a GREAT way to get oils into family members in one fell swoop! My favorites:

Tip #6: Your Next Step

Getting Started

Ready for your next step? Let us help you! In this video, Laura will take you through what to do to save the most money and to get the most freebies – whether you are brand new or a seasoned oil user!