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Simply Serendipity is on PERISCOPE!


Yep, we are! But what is it? Never fear, it is easy, peasy. Promise.

Periscope is Twitter’s latest brain child and it is such fun, we had to jump on board! Periscope offers live, streaming video. You can join us LIVE! We are doing impromptu, quickie educational videos and pre-scheduled longer seminars.  The best part? You can ask questions!

PLUS, the video is available for 24-hours afterward so you can watch later. (And, if it is good, we will download and post it on our blog.)

So, how do you get going? Here is a step by step:

1. Periscope is crazy easy. Don’t worry if you are thinking, “Yikes! One more thing to learn!” You can learn it in a moment. Really.
2. Go to your app store on your phone and download the app. You can’t access it through your computer.
3. Sign up.
4. Click on the bottom right icon of three peeps.
5. Click on the magnifying glass in the upper left-hand corner.
4. Find us: @SerendipityOils

And then join the fun! You can receive notifications when we are going live and what the topic is so you can decide whether or not you want to join. (Of course, you will want to!)

Be sure to tap your screen to send us hearts!